Whatever makes your perfect beach, The Pine Islands has something to fit the bill. Whether its the freedom to roam around in your birthday suit on Formentera or join the parties on the Ses Salinas, we have it all. Here are some of our favourites to include in your VIP Ibiza boat rental experience...

Illetes Beach – Formentera

Stretching almost as far as the eye can see, sugar-like sand and shallow crystal clear waters makes this as close to paradise as we can get. Popular for its fancy fish restaurants, Illetes gets a little busy during high season but, still certainly worth a visit for a paddle and a bite to eat.

Cala Saona Beach – Formentera

Located on the west coast of the island this small but beautiful horseshoe-shaped cove has soft white sand framed by vibrant red rocks, something rarely seen in the local coastal landscapes. Favoured by local residents this beach offers a more family atmosphere.

Es Pujols Bay – Formentera

A small bay and beach with tiny rocky islands and inlets offering exciting areas for snorkelling. A low cliff diving point is also accessible for those with energy to spare.

Espalmador Island

A little-known uninhabited nature reserve just a few metres off Formentera (with water so shallow ou can walk across). Covered in pure white sand, Espalmador is the stuff of dreams. Its shape provides excellent shelter for boats and creates calm flat warm waters. Don’t forget the famous mud baths... better known for fun than their therapeutic qualities!

Ses Salinas Beach – Ibiza

Located in a nature reserve at the southern most tip of Ibiza island, this gorgeous long, wide sandy beach is home to the jet-setters and is wellknown for its Balearic beach parties. Some fab restaurants with that ultimate Ibiza ambience.

Cala Es Jondal Bay – Ibiza

This beautiful large pebble bay surrounded by pines and jagged cliffs is very popular with boat owners. Getting to land can be a bit of a faff, as pebbles are uncomfortable to clamber over, but it’s worth it to grab a snack at the Blue Marlin.

Cala Conta Beach – Ibiza

Swim in pure warm turquoise waters in this sandy bay dotted with islands. One of Ibiza’s finest beaches. The oldest hippy on the island apparently still lives in a cave there!

Es Vedra & Cala D’hort – Ibiza

A small, beloved beach with a fantastic view of the mystical island of Es Vedra, which lies only several hundred metres from shore. At 1200ft above sea level with sheer vertical sides, Es Vedra is apparently the third most magnetic point on the earth. Shrouded in mystery, Es Vedra is the core of many myths... The locals hint that it is part of the sunken city of Atlantis and that you can wish on it as it comes into view. Most captains will do a figure of eight for good luck! A must see!

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“...My trip to Illetes will remain one of the most favourite days of my life. Just relaxing in the shallow warm waters for hours made me feel like I had died and gone to heaven! Thanks for finding us that private little spot away from the crowds... I was tempted to ask the Captain to leave me there for a few months!”
Sue Sellers